Open FFBoard

After the old powerstep based motor controller i improved the idea of an open source force feedback interface for direct drive wheels and other simulation interfaces with high torque demand in a modular way

OpenFFBoard consists of a simple STM32F411 based usb interface with defined pins for SPI, buttons, leds, encoder input…

Take a look at the full development story on

A TMC4671 based motor driver which is also developed in this project as a reference can drive 2 phase steppers, 3 phase servos and DC motors at up to 70V DC and over 25A.
It has an active anti backfeed diode circuit for use with power supplies and a brake resistor mosfet included. It also features highly accurate current sense amplifiers and voltage sense dividers.

Its possible to stack the FFBoard interface on top of up to 3 of these TMC motor drivers for a compact setup.

Presentation & Demo

Short video in action:

OpenFFBoard Assetto Corsa FFB Test raw from Gigawipf on Vimeo.